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Halo + FREE BBL ($750 value!)

Halo + FREE BBL ($750 value!)

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Get FREE BBL ($750 value!) with your purchase of Halo


Halo™ Laser by Sciton is the most scientifically advanced treatment for sun damage, pigment, fine lines, texture, and pores, without the downtime of traditional ablative and fractional lasers. Now you can get the results you have always wanted, without the hassle, and in half the time!

BBL stands for BroadBandLight, which is a form of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). The BBL device sends quick pulses of light from a broad range of wavelengths to the upper layers of the skin. Pigment and vascular lesions are targeted as when the pigment absorbs the light, it will be effectively destroyed through the body’s natural healing processes. The skin’s healing processes will replace the targeted pigmented cells with new healthy cells.

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